Creativity or Technology: Which Matters More in Developing High Quality eLearning?

Badiyan, Inc.  |  June 18th, 2015

In a world that says that it values creativity, but is run by technology, how can eLearning mine the best value of both?

Technology can be used to gather content. Technology can deliver that content in efficient, diverse and ever-evolving ways. Technology can make the use and control of that content easy. What technology cannot do is automatically make content engaging, successful, and memorable.

In the world of eLearning, technology is the vehicle that carries content to an audience of learners but creativity is the driver making the decisions.

  • What subject matter, topics, and/or information are necessary for the content?
  • How will that be determined?
  • In what way or ways will this content be presented?
  • Why is this design the best approach?
  • What is the desired outcome?
  • How will the outcome be measured?
  • What measure of the outcome will indicate success?

Creativity is essential to answer these questions and many more that will arise in the process of building a successful eLearning program and putting it into action.

For example, when the scope of the content has been determined, an established method of presentation may seem likely, but another, unexpected approach might work better. Perhaps storytelling will engage the learners; maybe humor or surprise would be effective. Traditional question and answer measurements of outcome can be best, but more visual interactions may be successful, too.

Whether the audience is hundreds of people in an auditorium or one person with a smartphone, every eLearning program needs content that is creatively designed. Then it needs the right technology to support the approach. When the combination is right, essential knowledge is easily available when learners need it.

eLearning that works finds the best balance of creative content and efficient technology.

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