Expanding Your Reach with mLearning

Badiyan, Inc.  |  November 6th, 2014

Mobile learning is the captivating new kid in town. Many are talking about it but fewer are actually using it, perhaps because they’re not sure why they should. eLearning on the other hand has been around a while, and it’s still a key player for good reason: it can help you effectively train people even on a modest budget. That’s great, but too often eLearning ends up being a standalone experience that engages employees for the moment only to leave them high and dry when their performance really counts. They take an eLearning course and then it’s gone—out of sight, out of mind.

There’s a lot at stake. Companies need to maintain their bottom lines, gain new market share, and comply with the latest laws and regulations. Today workforces need to learn quickly and often—a new sales process, new software, procedures, and more. The training you invest in must make the difference between “getting it” and “not getting it” when it’s time to apply critical knowledge on the job. So whether an eLearning budget is big or small, instructional designers lie awake nights thinking “What can I do to make sure that the audience retains the most critical knowledge?” This question keeps CEOs awake, too, and it’s part of the reason they seek help from learning and development consultants. I’m about to get to mLearning!

What can you do to increase learner retention in eLearning? Plenty! As retention goes, trusted techniques apply: keep it engaging, use delayed feedback techniques, put learners in realistic situations where something is at risk and decisions have consequences. These are all effective methods.

Now let’s add mLearning. Why? Because it’s a vibrant, wide-open solution. The fascinating new kid can make your eLearning better. Deliver part or all of an eLearning course to a mobile platform, or supplement eLearning by delivering mobile follow-ups to learners days or even weeks after they’ve completed the course. It’s a great way to keep them engaged, retaining more, and learning more. How about mobile-friendly on-the-job refreshers or instructional videos? There are endless possibilities in the mobile arena to provide useful, timely, easy-access learning that yields great business results.

Now is the time to add mLearning to your talent development strategy. Mobile devices are everywhere. You can’t turn around without seeing someone’s face buried in an iPhone or a tablet. They’re always on, waking us up and spending the day with us. Your workforces—in most cases—are already outfitted, ready to receive critical knowledge at critical times, on a device they’re already comfortable with. So if you’ve been looking for an opportunity to test out mLearning, even in small increments, consider pairing it with eLearning to improve your results, or simply to deliver training exactly where and when it’s needed.

Instructional designers (and CEOs) need more sleep!

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