Conversation Coach

It’s always a challenge to produce fast change in workforce behavior, or to introduce a new business process to employees. Such challenges lead Badiyan to create innovative solutions as you’ll see in Conversation Coach™, a powerful interactive tool used to change behaviors and improve performance, productivity, and more.

Dialogue-based eLearning is increasingly relevant.

Responding to market pressure and competition, companies and organizations are demanding new ways to train people fast to ensure business survival. Today we help clients survive and thrive with Conversation Coach™, a cost-effective tool for training when change is needed now.

Why not immerse learners in eLearning that will quickly teach them—what to do, what to say, and how to succeed—through a series of role-play and dialogue challenges? It’s engaging, fun, and effective, and development time is surprisingly short. With Conversation Coach™ you don’t have to wait to improve business.

How does it work?

Conversation Coach™ mimics actual conversation and lets the learner go down their own path—mistakes and all—until they master the desired process, the statements, and even the sequence in which they should make statements to achieve their goals. The interface is lively with dialogue options, animated characters, and custom written and visual feedback.


  • Supports a virtually unlimited number of conversation branches
  • Choose your own roles: customer, employee, manager, sales rep, etc.
  • All custom content and goal-oriented as desired
  • Easy content expansion or revision
  • Works with all languages


If your company just introduced a new process—say a customer service program or sales strategy that promises to improve business results—how long can you afford to wait for the fruit it will grow? With Conversation Coach™ you don’t have to wait long.

Dramatic results can be achieved quickly because Conversation Coach™ uses customized content that includes the nuances of your training challenge. Using “plausible distracters” as statement options facilitates learning through common mistakes that learners are currently making on the job.

Conversation Coach™ provides a safe practice environment where learners can build confidence.

Will Conversation Coach™ work for you?

A few questions may help you decide if dialogue-based eLearning is the solution for you.

  • Does my company’s workforce have challenges that could be overcome with practice opportunities that involve saying the right things at the right time?

  • Could my sales/workforce benefit from practice with virtual prospects and clients where it’s okay to make mistakes and learn to avoid them, BEFORE they have the real conversations?

  • Do my employees continually make the same mistakes even after they’ve been trained not to?

  • Can my company afford to wait for the benefits that come with a well-trained workforce?

  • With a large investment in a new process rollout, how can I best mitigate the risk of it failing?