Smart training is smart business

With Badiyan adaptable training solutions, you can turn today's challenges into great opportunities.

As technology and other market forces reshape the economy, learning and information have become top priorities.
Innovative solutions, such as mobile learning, blended learning, and learning management systems expand your capabilities and your reach.
Workforces are often in multiple locations or on the move. People are increasingly doing business in situations that demand speed, efficiency and mobility.

Give your employees the competence and confidence to succeed. Anytime. Anywhere.

Mobile Learning

Deliver on-demand information

Make it easier on your team to get the training they need delivered at their fingertips with mobile devices and applications that are simple to use.

Badiyan’s mobile learning experts will work with you to create strategically-aligned mLearning solutions that deliver on-demand information and improve on-the-job performance. Count on us!


Welcome to Badiyan. We’ve got you covered!

The vision you have to welcome, acclimate and integrate new recruits makes a statement about your company’s culture, expectations and values.

Maximize your investment in your team by making employees feel prepared, valued and ready to make an immediate impact and difference right from the get go. Our experience with HR departments provides a proven, measurable approach to build success.

Soft Skills Training

Build consensus / Gain cooperation / Develop Effectiveness

It’s all about staying sharp, engaged and at your best. And yes, we can help.

Because investing in an effective soft skills training program enhances everyone’s performance in:

  • Communication
  • Persuasion
  • Leadership
  • Conflict resolution
  • Decision making

Product Training

Accelerate time-to-market / Increase sales / Drive Profitability

Effective product training accelerates time-to-market, increases sales and drives profitability.

At Badiyan, our clients rely on us to combine our proven blended learning strategies with delivery methods such as eLearning, mLearning, mentorship activities, virtual classroom, social learning and instructor-led sessions to get the results they’re looking for.

Our product training solutions meet your organization's needs with:

  • Optimum accessibility
  • Maximum engagement
  • Manageable results

Technical Training

Advance technology adoption

Our solutions use interactive models and simulations that engage and educate your workforce and accelerate technology adoption.

The result: Your team is assured a confident command of the most complex topics, systems or processes to reduce downtime, increase accuracy and drive success.

Regulatory Compliance

Minimize risks

There’s no question you need to protect your assets. The key is a comprehensive training approach that assures your company complies with changing laws and regulations to mitigate risk.

No problem.

You can trust our instructional design team to translate complex industry and government regulations into practical, informative, educational solutions.

Sales Training

Prepare for high-performance results

It never ends. Smart organizations know the most productive sales training takes place in a ‘safe’ environment using methods that accurately measure results and ensure readiness.

We couldn’t agree more.

At Badiyan, we apply proven behavioral and learning methods that changes performance and helps your team prepare for high-performance results by:

  • Teaching relevant sales skills
  • Demonstrating recommended procedures
  • Reinforcing learning through practice and repetition

Informational Programs

Cut through the clutter

Everyone wants to know more, more than ever before. So how do you feed their need to know?

Through an approach that continuously delivers accurate, timely information to internal or external audiences with creative integrated informational programs that can include mLearning, web solutions, email, audio, video and live sessions.